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How to make an Eco Wedding

I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the day of love, than sharing with you one of the most amazing days of my life and all the details that made it perfect:

Our Wedding!

I hope you love this post as much as I loved to write it for you!

You might think that making an eco-friendly event is super hard, I used to think that too. That's why I wanted to share all the details, services and businesses that are doing wonders to help people create gorgeous and green events to create memories you can cherish foreve

1. Invitations

LiliWeds custom made wedding invitations
Our invitations were made by LiliWeds

Our invitations were made by LiliWeds, an amazing Puerto Rican brand that create different kinds of paper branding products with exclusive and beautiful designs.

Ours were super simple, inspired by the eco-minimalist touch we love. They where made of seed paper, so people could plant the invitations instead of throwing them away, so it had an extra special green detail.

2. The Venue

 Florida Museum of Photographic Arts
The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts was our wedding venue

Finding a place was kind of challenging because of the many restrictions they usually have, but the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, was definitely perfect. It have a nice and beautiful space and an incredible view of the Tampa Downtown. Also, the staff was amazing and they help us a lot to make our idea work by suggesting great vendors. (Thanks Amy!)

3. The Decor

Custom made G&G letters from Etsy
Custom made G&G letters from Etsy

We wanted a simple and minimalist wedding that produce the least amount waste possible, and the people from Outside The Box Rentals help us a lot with that.

We rented most of the things we used so we didn't need to use single use decorations and their service was amazing. They even set up everything perfectly.

Also, we decide to invest in a few details that now are part of our hose decor, and most of them where custom made by artisans just for us... like those G&G letters we love made by The Milkweed Market!

Minimalist wedding table setting in golden and greenery
We went for a long family style tables to enjoy the party all together

For the rest of the miscellaneous such as plates, cups and cutlery, we decide to look for brands online that offer eco-friendly supplies. We bought the cups and cutlery through Amazon, sugar cane plates and napkins from Ecoproducts and we made sure everything was compostable.

Wedding good wishes book as signing book.
We also skipped the wedding registry and had a little glass box for cards and good wishes.

4. The Flowers

How can you have an eco-wedding without greenery?

The flowers and plants gave so much life to the wedding, and Johny, the owner of Tampa's Florist Inc., not only made beautiful arrangements for us, but also help us a lot with our goal by skipping the use of wires that could end in the trash at the end.

5. The Food and Cake

There is still some people that doesn't believe it, but EVERYTHING was completely vegan thanks to Yadira from Naturally Made Food Truck, and the people from Valhalla Bakery in Orlando, Florida.

Yadira is an amazing "boricua" we meet here in Tampa, who does vegan caterings with a great latin taste. She made all the appetizers, sides, salads and even vegan chicken. Everything was delicious!

The cake was also delicious and beautiful. We wanted it white with golden details and decorative plants, but the final result was way better than what we imagine. The flavor was chocolate cake, with a chocolate filling and a white chocolate frosting... can you guess that we love chocolate?

6. The Drinks

Spunky Spirits was in charge of the bar. They not only gave us an excellent service, but they also run that extra mile by addressing all of our request about trash management, so we could make our eco wedding.

We bought all the alcohol to get the chance to compare different brands and choose only vegan ones. We offer 3 different kinds of beer (Yuengling, Michelob Ultra and Coors Light,) a Scotch (Johny Walker) a Vodka (Tito's Vodka) and, my new favorite Bailey's Almande. Again, everything vegan!

Vegan wedding bar.
We made sure all the drinks were vegan by double checking them all on the Barnivore Guide.

7. The Outfits

Our outfits were also consciously chosen.

Gustavo's clothe was all rented, so we didn't invest in one time use purchases that we wasn't going to use again.

My dress was made by the best, my Mom, so we designed it together and I got to choose vegan, up-cycled and natural materials for my costumed made gown. My accessories where borrowed from her and were actually the same she used on her wedding day (Isn't that amazing?).

My hair and make-up was a kind gift from my amazing friend Estefanía, who is a professional makeup artist and hair stylist and she agreed to use my vegan and cruelty free products for the whole look, which meant the world to me.

8. BONUS: Waste Management

As a coincidence, I found online a company named Suncoast Compost, and let me tell you something, they are amazing!

This guys offer curbside and drop off composting services in Tampa, but they also have event services of waste sourcing, recycling, and compost.

They even helped find the party supplies that were approved by them so we could make sure that they were actually compostable.

At the end, they send you a full report so you know the final impact of your event on the environment and the percentage of things that you rescue from the landfill.

Here are the results of our event!

Hope this post has inspire you to look beyond the regular options out there for everything you do and remember there is always a way to do things a little bit better for us all, and it might more fun and joyful than what you think.

With love,

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